What drew me to Shawnassy was her eyes, she has gorgeous beautiful blue eyes. Even though I sucked out all the color by making them black and white you can still tell through the images that she has amazing and clear eyes.

This was our first time working together and she was still in high school at the time but has now graduated and is now looking into some colleges and plans to move out of the city, possibly the state. It was an amazing time working with her, Shawnassy is an extremely talented model, she was able to pull off the exact look, mood and feel I was aiming for with ease, it's a rare fresh breath of air when I work with people who can model with minimal direction and nail what I am looking for.

These are the images we created, all were done with a Sony A7ii and 2 profoto d1's. Was tethering the images into CaptureOne which is my all time favorite RAW processing software. These are affiliate links and will help/support me immensely! I'll add a link to my gear list incase you are interested in purchasing something I own.