Carly. (NSFW)

For old times sake.

Carly has seen my photography literally when I first started. I use to attend the Art Institute of San Antonio to get a bachelors in photography. I've met some amazing people there, some that will be friends for life, Carly is one of them. She was always there to help me from the very beginning, in both portraiture and nudes.  Any time I had an idea she was willing to help and this time we both had the same idea and put them together. What has always attracted me to fine art nudes is how real they can be, theres nothing left but the person and who they are. There is no clothes to judge how their life is or isn't, theres only the true, natural raw beauty and this is my interpretation of nude beauty shots and I love how real these feel, you just get lost in her eyes and her being nude comes second and it's these types of images that fulfill me. These are the images we created together.

Gear: Sony A7ii with the 28-70mm lens and both profoto d1's