Two loves of mine.

Have you ever had 2 things in life that you’re passionate about and love so much and can’t just pick one, kinda like our parents how do we pick one, or our children (for those with 2 kids).

Bts of me photographing Izzy. 

Bts of me photographing Izzy. 

My heart and passion goes to photography and music production. Ever since I can remember I’ve had both a camera and a guitar in my hand, although when I was younger it was a plastic guitar that was forever out of tune and a disposable camera, but non the less I was shamelessly always doing both.


I went to school for both photography and music production, so I’ve always had a difficult time blending both until recently where I had the opportunity to photograph my very talented friend Izzy Bella, she’s a singer song writer based here in San Antonio, TX. She has even co written a song with me (which I’m releasing soon) and it was an awesome idea to photograph people in the music industry to still have that sense and feeling that I’m merging my photography with music. Even though this was a paid shoot, it still felt like a fun personal project for me. I look forward to photographing more music industry people, it’s the greatest feeling to do what I love to do for a living and I even found a way to merge both of my favorite things in life. 

Just go for what you want in life, done is better than perfect, just get it done.


Life saver

I did a shoot on 2014 new years eve and it wouldn't of been possible with this vital piece of equipment, my reflector.



I predominantly shoot with one light and this helped me so much to get a two light look and it's so inexpensive!


I use it so much I already broke the zipper from its 5 in one use!



But without it I wouldn't of been able to get this shot. And I strongly encourage everyone to get at least one in their arsenal! I had the light behind the subject and the reflector in front of him to get this look.




My first publication was for a local fashion magazine and was a fun shoot with the Spurs Silverdancer Katarina Harding.


Make up

Had a pretty fun and simple photo shoot for a make up artist who wanted photographs of her work, it was simple, plain, and fun. Video of the shoot coming soon!