Instagram Shutdown

So a few days ago (from the time of writing this) Instagram and Facebook shut down. Quite a few people freaked out, some with good reason, the people who run and operate their business on these platforms are the ones with that good reason. I can’t imagine what they were going thru when they saw the platform that’s making them money shut down. I do and do not rely on social media for my business, it’s more so that I place WAY to many of my eggs in those baskets when I have this website that costs me money to have.

My goal is to make this site more informative and use social medias to bring people here as opposed to the other way around. I will be engaging more in the blog and showing more behind the scenes content and also share a little more of who I am and why I do what I do. That being said follow me over on facebook and instagram for updates at @mikebluephotography.

What I do like about the shut down was that a lot of people learned the same important lesson, don’t rely on social medias. I think Viners learned that lesson the hard way as well. Putting your all into a platform that isn’t yours and for one reason or another can be taken away from you. I’m speaking more so for entrepreneurs, these platforms should not have so much control of our business, it should be a supplement.

I just wanted to add my two cents to the pot and also announced that I will be blogging here more often and use social medias to direct traffic here. I’m starting to think it’s a little crazy that my instagram is more up to date on content than my own website which again I actual pay to have. Good changes coming soon, stay tuned.