I love the look and feel of film, I’ve always wanted to go full time with film photography, to have that timeless look. Only thing about film is that it’s a little costly and it’s not to high in demand.

I recently acquired a 4x5 large format camera, it takes large images and well technically has a lot of detail. I can only take one image at a time for it is a 4x5 inch sheet film so to process is worth more per photo. What I do love about it is that I’m one of the few that has one and can “up-sell” or have that slight advantage that I have what most do not. But even then I have something most don’t that is so niche. I love film but currently digital is just more convenient for me at this point and time. If I see there is more interest in film, then I will add it more to my work flow but as of now, digital it is.