Fell a little behind on blog but I'm coming back strong with content! 

 I met Andrea somewhat by accident but at the same time not really, let me explain.

So I was in my studio collecting my gear for an on location shoot and then a producer stopped by and asked if she can use my common area space to prep the models for hair, makeup and wardrobe for a music video they were filming in the parking lot and I said yes. Then she walked in and later popped up on my people you may know and then it took from there. It's interesting how the world works, being at the right place at the right time is so true. So glad to have met her and work with her these are the images we produced together.

This has been one of my personal favorite sets. It was amazing seeing someone do something different from what she normally does and was able to add value to her portfolio by adding something that is a little closer to her and how she looks like and that sticks out in her instagram. It's a different look for both of us and I feel that we both needed this different change of pace so to speak.

Gear I use to create these images was 2 Profoto D1's - Sony A7ii - CaptureOne Pro - Photoshop - 2 PocketWizard. I will have some affilate links for some gear if you're interested in purchasing anything it will help me immensely!

Leon Blue Studios - Andrea
Leon Blue Studios - Andrea 2
DSC05166.jpgLeon Blue Studios - Andrea 3
Leon Blue Studios - Andrea 3
Leon Blue Studios - Andrea 5
Leon Blue Studios - Andrea 6
BTS of the lighting set up as Andrea reviews the images.

BTS of the lighting set up as Andrea reviews the images.