Mike Blue

Mike Blue is a Commercial and Portrait photographer based in San Antonio, TX.

Mike Blue Photography (formally known as Leon Blue Studios) is owned and operated by Michael Gonzalez, based out of San Antonio, TX. Michael is a strong advocate in beauty starts from within and surfaces to the outside and not the other way around. He constantly strides to merit both sensual and beauty in every image to emphasize that you can be both beautiful and sensual at the same time by using posing and lighting to do so. 

"My father passed away when I was 9 years old and I lost touch with my dad's side of the the family. Growing up I felt that family abandons you when given the opportunity and my mothers side of the family spent their time making fun of my height and weight that I began to believe something was wrong with me and I do not belong anywhere. I've learned over the years that I do belong, I do matter and people show it. My ideology is, you're going to be judged regardless for what you do OR don't do in life, might as well do what you want and that is my why and reason for what I do. To show the world the very best of you and that you do belong and do matter." -Michael Gonzalez (Mikey Blue)


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