Photo by Ismael Rodriguez -

Photo by Ismael Rodriguez -

Mike Blue

Mike Blue is a award winning-internationally published Commercial and Portrait photographer based in San Antonio, TX.

Mike Blue Photography (formally known as Leon Blue Studios) is owned and operated by Michael Gonzalez who has been a photographer for 7 years, based out of San Antonio, TX. Michael is a strong advocate in beauty starts from within and surfaces to the outside and not the other way around. Mike uses lighting, posing and tones to create a moody and emotive image that tells a story or invokes an emotion. 

"Growing up I was the awkward lonely kid, I always felt like no one cares about what I have to say so why bother saying it, I believed I didn’t belong anywhere. I've learned over the years that I do belong, I do matter and people show it. My ideology is, you're going to be judged regardless for what you do OR don't do in life, might as well do what you want and that is my why and reason for what I do. Self awareness and self love was a difficult thing for me to learn in which I want to now teach and share with my clients. To show the world the very best of you and that you do belong, do matter and to fall in love with yourself." -Michael Gonzalez (Mike Blue)